Saturday, January 22, 2011

Raccoon Cay and The Passing of Molly

After leaving Flamingo we thought we would head to Buena Vista and catch up with The Group the next day. But on our way we got a call from Far Niente, inviting us to a lobster fest. Unusual since Jay doesn’t hunt. How wrong we were! It seems Jay was walking along the shore and Judy spotted a rather large crustacean roaming the coast. Jay, always on the ready with his trail-blazing machete, whacked the critter to its end. Perhaps it was always destined to become Lobster Risotto. So, not wanting to miss out on the fun we headed to Raccoon Cay.

Dinner ashore was fantastic, bordering on Chez Pierre quality. Di’s Risotto was matched up with Bev’s coleslaw, Greg and Judy’s Cold Corn Casserole, and Karen’s and my Greek Salad. A real treat was seeing Veranda, joining us with lobster chunks served with butter from several of the 40 lobster they have caught so far this year.

We awoke the next morning with two sets of bad news, a cold front approaching with westerly component winds, and Molly, one of Veranda’s doggies, having suffered an apparent stroke. There are few places to hide from westerlies, and no vets in the Jumentos (no human docs either unless they are on boats) so we hauled our butts to the South Side anchorage on Little Ragged, and sat most of the day listening to poor Christy reaching out for any one with veterinary supplies to ease Molly’s way. The next day Christy announced Molly’s passing and told us how they had buried her on a hillside with beautiful vistas where Molly used to chase the goats. By the end of her call, we were all teary eyes and although I have not known Christy a long time, I just wanted to be there and hold her. We never forget our animals, and I am hopeful that Molly is racing around with my guys Bay and Gundy, and Enzo from The Art of Racing in the Rain. If you haven’t read this book, do yourself a favor, buy it now or come borrow it from me after Celebrian has finished it. It is a tribute to Molly and all of our animals that have passed before us.

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