Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Long Island Breeze

The Long Island Breeze Resort at Salt Pond on Thompson Bay was opened by Mike and Jackie four years ago, just in time for our first visit to the island. The Breeze has a feel like crisp, clean cotton on a summer’s night, with pastel colors and artwork, swaying palms, and an outdoor bar and swimming pool. Another destination where unfried food can be obtained, the meals are splendid, bountiful, and reasonable. You can actually get a diet soda here as well. Currently, the Breeze is open for dinner Thursday through Sunday, closed on Mondays, and lunches Tuesday through Sunday. Try the Philly Cheese Steak with homemade French fries, or a hamburger so big that I could not finish it. You can also get sexy meals like fettucine with crawfish, or flat iron steak. It’s all good.

Mike conducts a net around 8:30 on VHF channel 18, providing news, weather, events, an open mike session, and funny tidbits. The Breeze also has very functional washers and driers at $4 for each, a large swap library and showers available. Oh, and of course, internet, fax at $2 a page, and a phone available for calls home for 50 cents a minute. Cottage rooms are available for $75/night. The Breeze hosts frequent potlucks, providing a great atmosphere along with their conch fritters.

Our first year here Mike regaled us with stories of what it was like to build in the Bahamas, and break into this closed community, reminiscent of Wouk’s Don’t Stop the Carnival. We hoped their grand plans would become reality, and each year have continued to watch their business taking baby steps towards their goal. The Breeze is a cruiser’s dream, and we encourage everyone to support these nice people. Once there, you will likely be back every day.

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skb said...

Oh, that Long Island :-)
what a great fish...well done!
Florida is finally sunny and warm.
Keep up the good work,
xx S&B