Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flamingo Cay

Ahh….the Jumentos. We have had this 55 mile island chain on our Bucket List for two years now, and have finally made it. It is everything we had heard, and perhaps a little more. We left Thompson Bay on Long Island at 6:15 in order to take the Comer Channel on a rising tide. We never saw less than 7 feet, arriving at the first western anchorage on Flamingo, Two Palms at 1500. Our unofficial “guidebook” provided by John and Sandy on Moonstruck advised this anchorage would hold 4 boats, and we managed to be the last of seven to arrive, laying down almost too close for comfort on top of Savage Son and alongside Synergy, but with their blessing. It was shortly thereafter that our Manny, our lobster-bearing fisherman provided us with dinner (see prior post).

The next day all but one of the other boats took off, and we decided to stay to walk the island and retrieve some tellins that Di on Far Niente told us awaited us ashore. We collected a small bucket full, a good harvest, and proceeded to enjoy a hardy walk over to the Oceanside by locating a path to the left of the Two Palms. We found a very pretty beach with hardly a thing on it, with the exception of a sunken seaplane with its various parts scattered along the shoreline. After lunch we dinghied over to the next anchorage South of us, found the path which we shared with several blue tailed lizard and curlytails, and walked up to the tower for great views of the surrounding area.

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