Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chez Pierre's on Long Island in the Bahamas

You don’t go to the Bahamas to find fine dining. Everything is fried. And you rarely can find fish on the menu---go figure. But you can get all the nice, greasy ribs you want, and usually, deep fried chicken wings. The meal is rounded out with mounds of carbs: peas and rice, mac and cheese, potato salad.

Oh wait! Visit Long Island, where you can enjoy a really terrific Italian meal cooked by a rather colorful Frenchman, at Chez Pierre. There is a prominent sign for the restaurant on the Queens Highway heading North from Thompson Bay, but there are many twists and turns on the side road leading in---good luck finding it. But the Veal Limone (you must pronounce this lee-mo-NAY when you place your order) is, to borrow a phrase, to die for. Cut your veal with your fork and sop up the delectable sauce (perhaps a hint of cognac?) with the fresh bread. But precede this with the Baked Olives and Caesar Salad. And bring your wallet. You can even get a cappuccino with their homemade ice cream, unless they don’t have it when you are there.

Combine this meal with a cocktail prepared by yourself at their bar, or a bottle or five of their mediocre but drinkable wine, add several of your pals who all cram into a small SUV conveniently available for the evening and you will have rip-roaring time. Especially on the ride home.

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