Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vero to Peck Lake

We spent a week at Vero in order to receive my "vacation supply" of medications, which, predictably were shipped in incorrect quantities requiring two hours and thirteen minutes of phone time and and an extra day's stay awaiting the remainder amounts. But if you have to be stuck, Vero is the place to be. We ran into lots of old friends and partied around the mooring field,

had a photo lesson with Jim from Salty Paws, did laundry, rode the bus, overfilled the freezer and wine cellar (the bilge), and said goodbye to friends in a bigger hurry than us.

Five hours away we reached Peck Lake, which isn't even mentioned in some cruising guides. We had a great time here last year with Troubadour (so far unaccounted for), and once again, took a long walk on the Atlantic Beach which you access from a short walk from the dinghy landing. The wind was howling from the North and we got OK protection; the waterway is pretty narrow here so there is not much room for a fetch to build up. And, if you pass the green marker and turn left you will find well in excess of 8 feet of water in which to anchor. I found numerous cool shells but the prize this year goes to Peter who scooped up a cowrie that matched the one I found last year, again, recently deceased (honest) and in good shape.

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S/V Veranda said...

Christy covets your cowrie...