Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lake Worth

We bought First Edition in 1999, and after many dollars and months, sailed her away from Ft. Lauderdale to bring her home to the Keyport Yacht Club in New Jersey. After taking a wrong turn in the canals and then running hard aground, requiring the assistance of Tow Boat US (of course, before remembering to reinstate our towing coverage)we entered the unfamiliar inlet of Lake Worth. All the books said you should anchor by Peanut Island, which looked weird to me, so amid a gentle rain we pecked our way into the South anchorage. For two glorious, rainy days, we sat out a blow and were delighted with our anchorage and First Edition. We still are.

At the North anchorage of Lake Worth you can find great protection from nearly all directions, a Publix, Chez Cherie where Sarah will give you a great haircut, CVS, West Marine, and loads of boats headed in various directions to consult and party with.
In early December, you will be lucky enough to join in the Boat Christmas Parade, where we have made it our tradition to gather a gang and drinks and all tie together with our dinghies and assorted headgear.

Before heading to the South Anchorage with Troubadour, we said goodbye to Sojourner and Civil Twilight, and Linda and Jim on Winsome, who had stopped by earlier with a surplus half gallon of Edy's, thereby acquiring a ticket to the farewell party. As it turns out, Winsome used to be members of the Keyport Yacht Club, yet more folk from one of the clubs we belonged to that we never met.

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