Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at Pipe Creek

There’s no place like home for the holidays, no matter how far away you roam. The Ipod continually shuffling through Christmas caroles and the occasional Chanukah tune, the rituals of baking Christmas cookies and decorating the tree, and the festive atmosphere on the VHF radio, with everyone wishing everyone else a Merry Christmas, did little to recolor my holiday blues. My spirits were raised when Santa remembered to bring me slippers--as I had fortuitously forgotten that I had picked them out.
After discussing the merits of the Sampson Cay sit down dinner for $20, the folks we are anchored with agreed to our suggestion of a pot luck dinner on First Edition. And while it was not quite the large crowd that used to gather at our Christmas Eve fetes, sometimes for pizza, other times for fancy wine tastings, it was equally fun and well-oiled. The boys talked about whatever guys talk about when they are together around the cockpit table, while the girls, below decks, shared tales of first marriages, children’s successes and love lifes, and Mark, whom we all now hate.

Our menu: grilled cow and ham, pineapple sweet potato salad, Christy’s scalloped potatoes without the cheese or the milk, steamed green beans with almonds, fresh bread, pumpkin dip with gingersnaps, chocolate cake and copious amounts of wine, followed by more wine, after dinner drinks, and a way-too-loud rendition of We Are the Champions, complete with dancing and frolicking.
Followed by hangovers.

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