Monday, December 13, 2010

Belle Isle in Miami

Troubadour finally showed up in Lake Worth and before we had time to exchange greetings face-to-face, we decided we needed to high-tail it down to the South Anchorage at Lake Worth for a 4 am departure the next day. Although it was forecast to be freezing in the morning, it beat the following day's prediction for rain. First Edition's enclosure works great, but combine wind, rain, and no sunshine with sub-normal temperatures, and it makes for a lousy transit. We had a great passage, sailing a good part of the way and picking up a sometimes two knot gulf stream counter current. Life was good. We entered the Venetian Causeway South approach, hugging the shoreline per Skipper Bob's discussion, and saw no less than 7 feet. Upon reaching Belle Isle we found many boats at anchor, including our friends with whom we had hoped to cross to the Bahamas.

This anchorage has good access to the Collins Canal, where you can tie alongside (using your Miami Vice-grade lock and dinghy cable) and walk to South Beach, Publix, the laundry on Alton and 15th, a CVS and Blockbuster.
If you are as clever as I, you can buy what turns out, upon removing the price tag, to be the second half of the first season of Nurse Jackie, never haven seen the opening episodes.

Nearby is the Holocaust Memorial and as is always the case, you are moved by the vision of the artist and the horrifying recollection of times unimaginable.

And where there are boaters suffering from ennui you will eventually find a gathering involving food and liquor, this time at the Flagler Memorial Island. Not only did we get to stretch our legs, we managed to spoil the plans of one Romantic, who, undoubtedly well before the pot-luck notion popped into some sailor's head, arranged to propose marriage to his Beloved precisely where we set up camp. The story is best told by a friend at his blog,

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