Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Medical Tour of Ocala

From NJ we returned to Florida to spend some time with my Aunt in Redneck Country and did my long list of visit chores: get carpet cleaned, visit as many docs as I could talk into appointments, do a thorough roach check (heh, it's Florida), search for the practically non-existent cotton V neck striped shortsleeved polo shirts that my aunt favors--size 2X but it has to be short at the hips and preferably just like the ones I bought her about 20 years ago, and venture forth to a spinal surgeon to find a solution to the chronic pain. Cook a year's worth of food for the freezer, buy as much diet Snapple as the rental car can carry, review her medications, change the furnace filter, visit with nearby friends and family. Try to sleep with several "rooster clocks" chiming out the time, each of course, at least a minute apart, but at least my legally blind Auntie knows what time it is.

Finally, time to move on, with regrets on leaving her but with expectations for a new cruising year. Pack the car and ready to say our farewell, when she looses her balance and down she goes. Is it a manipulation? We take her BP and eventually call 911.

I have a wonderful husband who has spent this week "vacation" cleaning everything he could find to pass the time, and now sits beside me at the Intensive Care Unit, dreaming of 15 knots of wind and flat seas. We await a doctor to tell us what the heck is going on.

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