Monday, November 15, 2010

Good News, but not Great News

Auntie is out of the ICU but is still in the hospital. It seems she suffered some kidney failure from low blood pressure from dehydration, and now they are struggling to determine the right mix of the medications to balance her kidneys while keeping her lungs clear. Difficult juggling act and one we lived through before with Peter's Dad. She is all worked up about our being delayed on our Mission South, but nevertheless whines when we decide to leave for the night after 8 hours of hospital duty. If you have a loved one in a hospital, it sure helps to be there with them, especially when they are almost 85 years young. So, while I wish we were cruising with all of our friends, with many now gathered in Vero Beach for the Thanksgiving celebration, some how I feel like The Man has arranged my schedule to be here.

Thursday, though, my other Princess beckons, a visit to Disney with Willow our granddaughter. Hopefully Auntie will have resolved by then.

Good thoughts and prayers are gratefully accepted.

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