Monday, November 29, 2010

Giving Thanks

We departed Brunswick in the afternoon, never having the opportunity to pick up our recently harvested seafood from the shrimpers, in a gentle breeze and only a slight ocean swell, bound for Vero Beach. Last year, due to exhaustion, we gave up on trying to get to Jay and Di’s house for their Thanksgiving Feast, so this go-around Peter was hell-bent for election and with no rest day after Disney, off we went. It was one of those glorious passages, lots of sailing, smooth seas, ice cream :), and a full moon.

We arrived at Fort Pierce inlet at daybreak two days later, the Captain having permitted me to sleep beyond my off-watch. This kindness was negated by his screeching “Lynn, Lynn” (which he NEVER calls me, I am only “Lynn” when there is trouble). With a racing heart beat I ran, au naturel, to the cockpit to be told “we are almost there”. My palpitations continued for several hours, the time it took to reach our mooring at Vero Beach. While fueling up, we were greeted by Kitty and Scott on Tamare, and rafted up with them and Bonnie Lass.

The next day we were shuttled to the Howell’s, where a glorious dinner of ham and turkey complete with bug gravy and all the trimming were served. Great company with good friends and good food. Every one chipped in, appropriate amounts of adult beverages were consumed, and an extremely large flying insect found its peace in a bath of leftover gravy. The host was dismayed to find that his guests were locust-like with the leftovers, and that traditional meal the night following Thanksgiving was not to be.

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