Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Visiting our Future Home on Mill Creek

On October 7th we departed Solomons for Mill Creek where we were occupied with home planning and socializing as well as a lousy internet signal, explaining the delay in bringing you all up to date with our comings and goings. Thanks to those of you who registered concern but we are back in business aboard First Edition.

Upon arrival we walked our property which since our last time here as been cleared of all trees on the building footprint, so we are able to get a good feel for our setting. We chose well all those years ago. Our friends, the Tillmans, are well along on their construction and we are lucky to have their experience as we begin our process for real.

My stepmom Kathie and her mate Jimmy picked us up so that we could borrow their car to run our errands. As they had a house guest, Jimmy’s sister Georgia, we stayed aboard First Edition but managed to share dinner with their Friday night dinner group who have become like family to us. I am absolutely certain that my Dad chose Jimmy for Kathie from his spot in heaven, but I do miss him, especially when I see his old pecan tree.

We met with Bill Prillaman, our architect , to finalize details for the construction drawings, saw more homes with prospective builders, spent five hours choosing toilets, sinks and fixtures, and agonized over siding colors and deckings while driving around to find homes with similar choices. Our plans will soon be ready to distribute to the potential builders, and the job will go to bidding, which we hope to have completed before we leave the US.

We had a lovely dinner with the Tillmans at Bill and Carol Throckmorton’s, neighbors to the Tillmans, and boaters whom we ran into in Nassau last year proving the smallness of our universe.
We docked one night at the Schuman’s on Lew and Cindy’s invitation to take on water and amp up the batteries before leaving the Creek. We also had visitors at our dock, Barb and Mike on Elan who shared a birthday dinner for Vickie, and Barb and Lee and their friends Laurie and Laurie (as in Lawrence) from Wind Dancer, who joined us for our anniversary dinner at Crabs and Cues, the local pool hall/emporium for fried foods and devilled eggs. Peter and I had our own fancy dinner to celebrate at Tommy’s in Reedville.

It is time to move on, and so we have.

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