Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tuckahoe Point to Bear Creek

We decided to have a lazy day once departing Coinjock, and woke to found ourselves one of only three boats left (and at 7:30, mind you). Few lazy heads among the boating community! We got to experience the ugliness of the Albermarle Sound, notorious for its short chop when the winds are piping, which they were on this day. But once we got into the Alligator River, we were able to sail for a couple of hours, a rare ICW treat. We also heard our friends Scott and Kitty, and arranged to hookup with them at Tuckahoe Point. Here, we met their friends Bill and Sue on Rondo and had a happy hour aboard Tamure.
The Tuckahoe anchorage is huge, you can always count on space for good NW coverage. If the winds are howling out of the SW you can chose a nearby anchorage (around G43, I think) as well.

We all left the next day at 7:30 and had a typical boring day on the ICW. Peter and I kept extending our intended goal for the day, anxious to get South for our many commitments. We skipped over Belhaven (oh please, don't go here), and left Tamure to anchor off of Campbells Creek by Goose Creek. Tamure draws 6'6" so there must be good water there, but they may not have gone in far. We heard Elan who also anchored at Campbells Creek. We opted to extend the day by another hour and anchored in between the shallows at Bear Creek. 

Tomorrow we should be able to make Beaufort for an offshore run to Charleston, leaving the ICW behind.

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