Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day One on the ICW

We had a good trip from Mill Creek to Hospital Point, where we found friends Mike and Kathy on Sapphire and the Carnival ship Glory, pulling out as we pulled in. Unfortunately, I could not raise my stepmom on her cell phone, so I assume she did not see us waving to her as she, Jimmy, and friends pulled out to head for their cruise to the Bahamas, in luxury. We had hoped to connect with Sapphire to transit the Dismal Swamp with them, but they planned a more leisurely pace than us. We intend to speed South in order to get to Aunt Dar's to provide support after today's release from rehabilitation following a hospitalization, and to visit docs with her.

So, we opted to take the Virginia Cut instead. On Day One one must open at least four bridges (more if trains are crossing over the RR bridges), and you need to tie to a lock. Every single bridge and lock operator has failed the Miss Manners training school, and they are out to get you. Well, most of them anyway. It was a long day, but uneventful, and we settled into dockage at Coinjock Marina in the late afternoon.

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