Monday, October 25, 2010

Beaufort to Charleston, no---make that Brunswick

We left Beaufort about 32 hours ago, leaving our sailing friends scattered in various locations and not quite in as much a hurry to get out of the ICW and its shallows. Intending to leave around three, by noon we both had ants in our pants and decided we could always slow down if need be, in order to arrive at Charleston in the daylight. We had made this port one time in the pitch black and it was quite well marked, but seeing what you are doing is always the preferred approach.

We sailed for several hours on a glorious point of sail, and since we were not in a hurry, we didn’t care when the speedo dropped below five knots. But unfortunately, as the case may be this time, the good wind didn’t last, and Mooch, now unburdened of a dirty filthy prop, has decided to outperform his expectations. So, with a full moon the size of Kansas lighting our way, we have now decided to keep on going. If we were going to hit Charleston in the dark we might as well make St. Simons under similar conditions.

---We have since arrived at Brunswick, Georgia, having reached the inlet in the day light in time to reach the Brunswick Landing Marina. 333 miles in 53 hours.

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