Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We spent two full days of cleaning and fixing, mixed in with visits from old and new friends. This left us no time to check the shrimp boats for our $5/pound supply, or any visit to the brick oven Italian restaurant before taking off for our land visits today.  But we did get in our now traditional dinner out with Claire and Paul on Our Turn whom we always seem to run into during our visit here.

We had a fantastic meal at Coastal Kitchen, located at the Golden Isles Marina and shared loads of laughs and advice.

We are now headed South, but on land, to visit my Aunt and retrieve six months of mail before flying home for doctor visits.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Beaufort to Charleston, no---make that Brunswick

We left Beaufort about 32 hours ago, leaving our sailing friends scattered in various locations and not quite in as much a hurry to get out of the ICW and its shallows. Intending to leave around three, by noon we both had ants in our pants and decided we could always slow down if need be, in order to arrive at Charleston in the daylight. We had made this port one time in the pitch black and it was quite well marked, but seeing what you are doing is always the preferred approach.

We sailed for several hours on a glorious point of sail, and since we were not in a hurry, we didn’t care when the speedo dropped below five knots. But unfortunately, as the case may be this time, the good wind didn’t last, and Mooch, now unburdened of a dirty filthy prop, has decided to outperform his expectations. So, with a full moon the size of Kansas lighting our way, we have now decided to keep on going. If we were going to hit Charleston in the dark we might as well make St. Simons under similar conditions.

---We have since arrived at Brunswick, Georgia, having reached the inlet in the day light in time to reach the Brunswick Landing Marina. 333 miles in 53 hours.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tuckahoe Point to Bear Creek

We decided to have a lazy day once departing Coinjock, and woke to found ourselves one of only three boats left (and at 7:30, mind you). Few lazy heads among the boating community! We got to experience the ugliness of the Albermarle Sound, notorious for its short chop when the winds are piping, which they were on this day. But once we got into the Alligator River, we were able to sail for a couple of hours, a rare ICW treat. We also heard our friends Scott and Kitty, and arranged to hookup with them at Tuckahoe Point. Here, we met their friends Bill and Sue on Rondo and had a happy hour aboard Tamure.
The Tuckahoe anchorage is huge, you can always count on space for good NW coverage. If the winds are howling out of the SW you can chose a nearby anchorage (around G43, I think) as well.

We all left the next day at 7:30 and had a typical boring day on the ICW. Peter and I kept extending our intended goal for the day, anxious to get South for our many commitments. We skipped over Belhaven (oh please, don't go here), and left Tamure to anchor off of Campbells Creek by Goose Creek. Tamure draws 6'6" so there must be good water there, but they may not have gone in far. We heard Elan who also anchored at Campbells Creek. We opted to extend the day by another hour and anchored in between the shallows at Bear Creek. 

Tomorrow we should be able to make Beaufort for an offshore run to Charleston, leaving the ICW behind.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day One on the ICW

We had a good trip from Mill Creek to Hospital Point, where we found friends Mike and Kathy on Sapphire and the Carnival ship Glory, pulling out as we pulled in. Unfortunately, I could not raise my stepmom on her cell phone, so I assume she did not see us waving to her as she, Jimmy, and friends pulled out to head for their cruise to the Bahamas, in luxury. We had hoped to connect with Sapphire to transit the Dismal Swamp with them, but they planned a more leisurely pace than us. We intend to speed South in order to get to Aunt Dar's to provide support after today's release from rehabilitation following a hospitalization, and to visit docs with her.

So, we opted to take the Virginia Cut instead. On Day One one must open at least four bridges (more if trains are crossing over the RR bridges), and you need to tie to a lock. Every single bridge and lock operator has failed the Miss Manners training school, and they are out to get you. Well, most of them anyway. It was a long day, but uneventful, and we settled into dockage at Coinjock Marina in the late afternoon.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Visiting our Future Home on Mill Creek

On October 7th we departed Solomons for Mill Creek where we were occupied with home planning and socializing as well as a lousy internet signal, explaining the delay in bringing you all up to date with our comings and goings. Thanks to those of you who registered concern but we are back in business aboard First Edition.

Upon arrival we walked our property which since our last time here as been cleared of all trees on the building footprint, so we are able to get a good feel for our setting. We chose well all those years ago. Our friends, the Tillmans, are well along on their construction and we are lucky to have their experience as we begin our process for real.

My stepmom Kathie and her mate Jimmy picked us up so that we could borrow their car to run our errands. As they had a house guest, Jimmy’s sister Georgia, we stayed aboard First Edition but managed to share dinner with their Friday night dinner group who have become like family to us. I am absolutely certain that my Dad chose Jimmy for Kathie from his spot in heaven, but I do miss him, especially when I see his old pecan tree.

We met with Bill Prillaman, our architect , to finalize details for the construction drawings, saw more homes with prospective builders, spent five hours choosing toilets, sinks and fixtures, and agonized over siding colors and deckings while driving around to find homes with similar choices. Our plans will soon be ready to distribute to the potential builders, and the job will go to bidding, which we hope to have completed before we leave the US.

We had a lovely dinner with the Tillmans at Bill and Carol Throckmorton’s, neighbors to the Tillmans, and boaters whom we ran into in Nassau last year proving the smallness of our universe.
We docked one night at the Schuman’s on Lew and Cindy’s invitation to take on water and amp up the batteries before leaving the Creek. We also had visitors at our dock, Barb and Mike on Elan who shared a birthday dinner for Vickie, and Barb and Lee and their friends Laurie and Laurie (as in Lawrence) from Wind Dancer, who joined us for our anniversary dinner at Crabs and Cues, the local pool hall/emporium for fried foods and devilled eggs. Peter and I had our own fancy dinner to celebrate at Tommy’s in Reedville.

It is time to move on, and so we have.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcoming Wind Dancer at Solomons

Lee and Barb from Wind Dancer wound up taking a mooring at Zahnisers, directly across from us here at Washburns, so we shared happy hour with them and Elan. Wind Dancer will cruise the Chesapeake this fall and haulout at Norfolk for the winter. We so enjoy their company and know that they will be life-long friends.

We dinghied to the Holiday Inn/Solomons Landing Marina on Back Creek yesterday and paid the $2 dinghy landing fee in order to walk up to the CVS and Food Lion. These are located about a mile North up the road (hang a right on the access road in front of the Holiday Inn). You will also find a Burger King, McDonalds, and KFC/Taco Bell. Closer and to the left is Woodburn's high priced gourmet food store, a great Chinese restaurant, and further still, West Marine and a liquor store.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Catching up with Elan

While hanging around waiting for weather and for Monday to come to undertake yet ANOTHER Frigoboat repair, we heard M/V Elan hailing M/V Tardis over the VHF. Whoopee! We met Elan last year at Block Island and it was one of those immediate connections, similar to our introduction to Tardis the year before that on the Dismal Swamp.  We were successful in raising Michael and Barb on Elan, and enticed them to anchor  the next day in Back Creek by Zahnisers, where we were swinging on a mooring.
That night, we received a phone call from Barb and Lee on Wind Dancer, whom we met in Beaufort two years ago and who had monitored our call with Elan, but could not reach us by radio. They, too, will eventually be in Solomons, and after that, at Mill Creek. So, we have a lot of catching up to do with old boating friends.

Monday we will head to Washburn's, directly across from Zahnisers, again at Frigoboat's direction. Unless we get satisfaction, I can predict the commencement of WWIII. It won't be pretty.