Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Solomons Island

With rainy weather forecast we left The Rhodes for Solomons on Friday before our Monday appointment at Zahnisers, and pulled into Mill Creek 7 1/2 hours later. Usually people anchor immediately to port across from the tugs but we have had difficulty setting the anchor there, more patience would likely have led to a good set. So, we continue down and anchor in front of the big house by the end of Calverts with NW winds, or continue further up St. Johns creek an anchor off of another big house with loads of rip-rap with south easterlies.

The next day Cloverleaf showed up, choosing Back Creek for anchorage, and we joined them for dinner at the Back Street Cafe, formerly Vincenzo's. Approaching from the water this place looks deader than a doornail, but on this Saturday night the restaurant was doing a good business. We had a very good meal. Prior to dinner we met friends of Cloverleaf, Judy and Seth on Steadfast, whom we have been looking forward to meeting for a few years now.

Solomons is a great meeting place for cruisers; it always seems that some one is around. A call from Rick on Sojourner led to a gathering at The Captain's Table with Richard and Carol from Kalissa, who live in Solomons, Sandy and John on Moonstruck, Bev and Dave from Cloverleaf, new friends Sam and Carolyn on Melaka, and, Jake and Robie on Marley Mae, friends of Kalissa, who will cruise for the first time this year.

The next morning we hooked up with Mooch's Dad, Jim Franklin at Zahnisers, for Mooch's 1000 hour check up. I would like to personally thank Mooch for hanging in there for an extra 600 plus hours, and for managing with a two year old alternator belt and impeller. On examination (without a magnifying glass required) the belt's teeth looked like the result of a bad dentist gone wild. If I were in charge of spares we would have had at least one belt on board instead of six extras for the old engine. No harm done, and lesson learned nevertheless.

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