Monday, September 27, 2010

"I Never Get to See You Grammie"

OK. The kid is conniver. She knows exactly what to say to pull your heart strings."Will you cuddle with me Grammie?" asked while putting her to bed. Sure thing. We cuddle for about eleven hours, she falls asleep, I sneak out. Five minutes later she is crying in her daddy's arms because Grammie left her.  "Will you read to me Grammie? Just ten pages?". Asked before cuddling. We read the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica, then am asked, "Again".
The next morning, Grammie arrives to commence some serious morning cuddling, to find the adorable princess on the floor. Dead asleep. She awakes and informs me her bed was rattling. I immediately transfer all of my assets to her account.

Sorry everyone. We have the very best-est granddaughter, princess, ballerina in the whole world. With finely tuned conniving skills.

We managed a trip to The Big Red Ball (Targets) and wrote down the SKU numbers for everything she touched. We need to buy a bigger boat to store all of the holiday presents.

She calls Peter "Aye-Aye" but this time, let us know that he is her grandpa. He was thrilled to be so recognized. Here, he is showing Willow how one opens a coconut. She is enthralled, but refused to participate in the bounty.

"Will you take me to Disney Grammie?". Hmmm. Perhaps just one more visit.

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