Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

We had just picked up a mooring in Weems Creek, planning to dinghy over to pick up some goodies for our Rosh Hoshanah celebration, when I heard our friends on Cloverleaf hailing the Annapolis harbormaster. We gave them a shout, and decided that their plans for service at the US Naval Academy sounded like a great way to bring in the New Year. Mooch must have known our trip for the day was not finished, as he decided not to turn off when either "stop" button was pushed; we pulled out the Yanmar manual and identified the emergency solution. More work for Jim at Zahnisers.

We dragged out our dress-up clothes and Dave and Bev provided chaffeur services to us where we had anchored off the Naval Academy wall. A short walk up from Ego Alley we came to the Academy, and found everyone to be helpful in providing directions to the Miller Chapel, although everyone's were different from each other. Amazingly, we stumbled upon the Chapel in time for services.

The Rabbi was charming, very welcoming, humorous, and familiar---well of course, we agreed he is just an older version of Uncle David (Peter's Brother, always called Uncle to differentiate him from David the Son). The service was well-attended, but many seats were available. There were perhaps about 20 midshipmen, in their dress whites worshipping. Prior to Kadish, the Mourner's Prayer, several of them recited the names of our soldiers who had fallen over the last week.

With our Uncle David lookalike leading the service, we almost felt like we were gathered around Margie and Neil's dinner table, where we traditionally celebrated the first night. Except we missed the challah and honey, and instead had Italian food with Bev and Dave. A good start to the New Year, but there's no place like home for the holidays.

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cabayer3rd said...

Happy New Year to you Peter & Lynn
nothing like brisket at my cousin's house with noodle pudding and all the extras!
keep enjoying your sojourn!
'my team' and i have entered the Port Washington YC's Charity Regatta on Oct 9
i will post you accordingly
Christopher Bayer
"Magister Navis"