Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back Creek at Annapolis for Frigoboat Repair

We have had so many problems with our Frigoboat refrigeration system it is incredible that I can say that I still love it. But there you go.

Our latest issue, apparently and hopefully a piece of debris or water in the lines somewhere, causes the freezer compressor to continue to run, but not chill, resulting in the freezer not working. This problem was supposedly caused during the installation process, or while refrigerant was evacuated, and therefore, it is not an equipment problem. OK, I buy this and my fingers are crossed.  Initially intermittent (like once every six months), the problem has become a weekly one, and can no longer be ignored. Frigoboat wanted this work to be done at J Gordon in Annapolis, so here we are. Hurricane Earl has conveniently decided to arrive concurrent with our stay, so for anyone worried, First Edition is safe and sound and tied to a dock. We will be in New Jersey dealing with specialists, hopefully to return quickly once a curious xray's findings have been identified and a satisfactory conclusion reached.

A benefit of being here in Annapolis is running into old cruising pals. Savage Son is docked at the marina next to ours, and we had a girls' outing with Christy and her friend Bessie to Costco. Peter, Bevie and I dined at The Boat Yard (following cocktail hour on the airconditioned Savage Son, have to get one of those), while Bob is back in Texas doing family duty. I will not leave this place until I hug him.

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Gavin said...


we have the same problem on "Squander" - did you come up with a solution?

Ridiculously intermittent problem - sometimes it runs fine for weeks other times it stops and needs to be brought back to room temperature every few days before it will run again.