Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Whitehall Bay

Captain permitted me to sleep in today--until 6:00, in order to take advantage of the current to get near Annapolis for our repair appointment. It was somewhat comforting to know that Sojourner had lifted anchor around 5 am to get the most advantage. We did enjoy the benefit and by afternoon, passed under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (not the one with the tunnel).

My friend Vickie tells me that there are two different, distinct weather patterns, one on each side of the bridge. Heading South, if you are having nasty conditions, it will surely turn extra ugly once you pass under. Today, the wind jumped from 2 knots to 6 knots, so while her theory seems to hold, it was still like climbing Mount Everest while in an oven.

We set the anchor at Whitehall Bay, within a short distance to tomorrow's destination but behind enough trees that you can forget that the Bridge is lurking around the corner.

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