Monday, August 30, 2010

Arrived Chesapeake!

We lifted anchor at 0553 at Cape May and continued to suffer the consequences of stupidity, dragging half of the barnacles from the LI Sound into the Chesapeake with us. We did not run out of fuel this time, as we finally calculated we are burning around 2 gallons an hour, and are topping the tanks along the way. Mooch will be so happy when this is all over with.

Buffeted by a dinner invitation for Rick's Kick Ass Spaghetti aboard Sojourner, we had a some what easy journey (although slow) through the Delaware Bay on a favorable current, through the C&D Canal, and a decent but occasionally rocky anchorage across from the Bohemia River by Piney Creek Cove.

Linda and Rick are some of the first cruisers we met, and we have continued to see them along our travels, frequently sharing those long legs. If Rick says it is so, it is. He knows every possible way to eke out another one hundredth of a knot, riding the currents (even if a 5 am wake up is required), and exploiting the wind, what little there might be of it. And, he is indeed a Kick Ass Cook.

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