Sunday, July 25, 2010


In anticipation of a visit from Michael and Judy, we were "guests" of Dodson Boat Works at Stonington, CT, a leisurely hour sail from Fishers. Dodsons is a well run yard, with mechanical services, clean and private showers, a laundry, and a fabulous restaurant, The Dog Watch Cafe.
The $14 lobster roll has to be shared for lunch, it is monsterous. There is an ample parking lot for crew. This does not come cheaply, though, a mooring will run you $48 with tax, including unlimited launch service. The town of Stonington offers very little other than charming, well kept homes and a few restaurants, no provisioning.

We met the Lands for lunch and took a riding tour of Stonington and nearby Mystic, dodging raindrops but enjoying their airconditioning as record temperatures were reached. We spent a lot of time reviewing our house plans over cocktails and very much appreciated their input, as the Lands have exquisite taste. I remain totally befuddled by the entire process but am blessed with the counsel of good friends, especially when bearing Solitude. (For the uninformed, Solitude is an exquisite white wine that we can no longer find in the Northeast. Michael has connections.)

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