Thursday, July 15, 2010


Last year while here I could barely get out of the dinghy and daughter Beth could not believe how every joint she touched during my adjustment was blazing hot. So I am thankful for a good doctor, medications, and a supportive husband. This year the only thing wrong at Newport was the weather.

Anchoring spots are few and far between, and can be found near the Ida Lewis Yacht Club rock, behind a clearly buoyed cable line (be aware, though, there is another unmarked cable running through the anchorage marked on the chart; we have seen folks caught on it). You have to be brave, and skillful in choosing your spot. After much ado, if you sailors know what I mean, we made peace and dropped the hook.

We spent two days here sitting out one passing storm after another, but managed to get in lunch at the Black Pearl (chili, the best), a long walk, and a stop at the seafood market by the wharf where we bought steamers. Those one armed lobsters purchased at Cuttyhunk could be found here for $6.50 a pound, copious amounts of sea bass, swordfish and other delectables are available for reasonable prices and offerings are fresh, fresh, fresh!

There is a water float available to all to top off the tanks and loads of moorings, but come early to be assured of one. Shopping here is endless, but it is a very long walk to the grocery store and I have no idea where laundry can be found.

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