Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We had a good sail to Mattapoisett in Narragansett Bay to visit Peter's high school pal, Chuck, and his wife Kristin. Every visit with these guys results in at least one foolish session of over imbibing, followed by a morning where we had no idea what happened the night before. This visit was no different.
I would not feel so bad about this had Chuck not previously agreed to donate a part of his liver to me should my medication destroy mine. (Although he was under the influence at the time of this promise, he claims he stands by his generosity.)

Chuck and Kristin live in a delightful funky home that is called The Butterfly House by the locals, as it appears to have wings if viewed from afar. One of the less attractive qualities in a confused Grandfather's Clock that will really mess up your head as it chimes the incorrect time over and over. This is not a good thing particularly in the middle of one of "those" nights.

Butterfly House is bordered by beautiful views and inhabited by beautiful people. We already miss them.

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