Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Magothy to Rock Creek and House Plans

We left Annapolis surrounded by hundreds of floating dead fish and 100 degree temperatures, perhaps the cause of the mass suicide. Because it was so hot, we anchored directly on the Magothy River off of Deep Creek but little relief was provided by any sort of breeze. We then scooted over to Rock Creek off of the Patapsco River and anchored by the Maryland Yacht Club. We have found the club to be very accommodating to us, maybe because of our City Island Yacht Club affiliation, permitting us to tie off the dink and access our rental car, and providing entry to Enterprise at their electronic gate.

We had a long ride to Irvington, Virginia to meet with our architect, Bill Prillaman, who has done a masterful job of tolerating us over the years as we have dreamed up and discarded plan after plan, while getting ready to cruise and while living our lives as vagabonds. Now that we are serious, he has delivered us a design plan that we are delighted with, and are proceeding to tweak just a tad to get it perfect for us. The plan: clear the lot this summer, start building in the late winter or early spring 2011.

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Christine said...

WOW....that is quite the house you are going to retire to? Whatever will you do with all that space after living on First Edition? We are happy for you both that you have your dream house plans set. We know what it feels like even with our little cottage plan to see your dreams come true.