Friday, July 2, 2010

Goodbye Chesapeake, Hello New Jersey

We made up an anchorage on the Sassafras River after bumping once or twice, and had a delayed departure the following morning when those nasty northerlies churned up a great big Chesapeake Bay chop. We had another nasty incident with one of the Pigs, our freezer, with that now troublesome piece of debris clogging up the works. Through the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, we anchored for the evening at our usual spot, Reedy Island in Delaware without any company. Then we hauled anchor at day break and had a glorious sail up the Delaware Bay, an uncommon experience. Riding the current most of the way with a beam reach put the Captain in heaven and gave Mooch a well deserved break.

We ran out of luck near the end of the Delaware and had a final slow slog into Cape May where we took one of the final comfortable anchorage spots. Well, comfortable except for the bouncing around in front of the Coast Guard station as the inconsiderate power boaters zoom by. Fortunately, this should die down as the sun sets.

It ain't the Bahamas, but at least in the Jersey waters you can put your feet into the water...

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