Monday, July 19, 2010

Death Defying Acts on Block Island

We must have been nuts when we left Wickford, as the seas and winds were exactly as forecasted, all wrong, and big. So, once out in the middle of the Rhode Island Sound we chose Block as our destination, as it was the closest port absent just turning around. So we had a few hours of very uncomfortable conditions.

Once we got here we anchored in that 40 foot spot in the anchorage, so we had to let out just about all of our chain. Since the winds were forecast to be strong and SW for several days, we figured we would not come down on our neighbors, and, so far, so good.

We have decided we probably have to give up on our recollections from times gone by.
With great memories of a nice long bike ride with Len and Vickie, oh, probably 20+ years ago, we rented bikes (this time, $12 for 4 hours---don't rent at the Boat Basin which is so much more expensive, walk into town and shop around for your prices). I swear, I almost died. As we were flying down this road, it dawned on me, what goes down must come up.  I was so exhausted I did not want dinner.

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