Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So many wonderful memories of Cuttyhunk, the long and treacherous walk to the top of the hill for the most incredible views, the $10 mooring, the fabulous and cheap lobster available at the dock, the tiny little muffins delivered by the harbormaster when he or she picked up the mooring fee in the morning. Well, at least the panorama remains the same...

Moorings are now $40, or $35 if you choose one outside the harbor (although the moorings are marked "$40" so perhaps it was discount day for us). You can offload garbage here for $5 a bag, and culls (one armed lobster) can be obtained for $9/pound. Ain't no muffins anymore.

But the walk, less tedious now that we walk everywhere and our old legs are accustomed, will still lead to beautiful vistas.  Be sure to oil up with insect repellant as the deer tick bearing Lyme disease are reportedly abundant. We even got to see the Coast Guard station fire at Menemsha on Martha's Vineyard, with black smoke billowing from the fuel depot. It was interesting to hear the Mayday call put in to the Coast Guard by the Menemsha Harbormaster, you could feel his heart beating faster than a tiny bird being held in your hand.

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