Friday, July 23, 2010

Certainties on Fishers Island

It is only a couple of hours from Block to Fishers, and it is almost certain that when you get there you will have two things: fog, and nasty swans. This visit was no different. And we probably should add fetch to the list, although we have anchored here in calm bliss. Not this time.

Fishers is the location of the summer home of Pete Campbell's in-law's, (think Mad Men), and if you have seen the show and can imagine an island full of Pete Campbells, this is the place.  Except during the week there are very few men here, as most are working (sic) in Manhattan and I suppose they take a ferry for the weekend, although I have never seen one here! So, just a lot of Mrs. Campbells running around in their tennis whites.

A short walk from the dock, where we always tie up although there is no obvious "Welcome Cruisers" placard, turn right and you will get to the rather complete and yes, pricey, grocery store. A longer walk will take through lovely old homes and flower gardens, and "in town" you will find an ice cream parlor.
You will always have a thunderstorm here. It is another rule when visiting Fishers.

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