Monday, July 5, 2010

Ahhh...Block Island

Thirty two and a half hours after departing Atlantic City we entered the channel to New Harbor on Block Island. Hoping that by July 5th the holiday crowd would have cleared, we were disappointed to find the anchorage overflowing. We managed to find a spot; "there's always room for one more".

NOAA had predicted winds of 10-15 gusting to 20 for this trip, with seas 2-3 feet. Wind was off of our stern quarter, so we set the preventer to avoid the boom from being thrown over by the wind to the other side of the boat. We started out with one of those "so that is why we do this" wonderful sailing experiences.

But the wind built, and along with it, the seas. The 10-15 predicted became 20 gusting to near 30, and the seas were 6 feet, sometimes 8. This is not so bad when coming from behind your boat, unless the preventer fails, then you get a crashing, booming, scary-as-hell event you care never to experience more than once. So OK, it happened.

Fortunately, our boat is a workhorse and built like that infamous brick house. She did just fine. Of course, we decided to take down the sails and surf the crest of the waves, putting Mooch on the spot for excellent performance. Mooch (the engine) makes weird noises that I am absolutely in tune with when waves are from behind, but 8 foot waves make an extra weird noise, so I fretted over any little thing I could think of that might cause Mooch to go on holiday: dirty fuel, overheating (he never has), and oh yeah, our past due 1000 hour check up. Waay past due. And of course the Cap decides at this point to take a nap, leaving me alone in the cockpit. After about an hour I started to breath normally. I am a better woman for it and Mooch, once again, did not let me down.

So here we are at one of my favorite places on earth, and the trip is already a distant memory.

above, rounding Montauk Point


Pete & Mary Ann said...

Hi Lynn & Peter,

Pete and I are still lookin' forward to meeting you one of these days after following your blog for the last 9 months. Kinda like a pregnancy??

Glad you are now "enjoying" Block Island (also one of our favorite spots) after a rough ride on the seas.

We had lunch with Harriet and Skip (s/v Moondance) in Baltimore this week. Harriet mentioned that she had also emailed you and followed your blog, but had never met you. Looks like a grand reunion is overdue, perhaps in Mill Creek. Your new home looks fantastic.

Mary Ann (s/v MicMac)

skb said...

Thinking of you...and found you here! Have a good trip; how far north are you sailing? The recovery must have been a breeze!