Sunday, June 6, 2010

Prentice Creek on Dividing Creek

We had a leisurely departure from Onancock after taking on diesel, water, and a pumpout. Our tour guide had chosen Dividing Creek as our destination and since we had two sails compared to their single one, got there first and decided on Prentice Creek found on a port tributary after entering. What a lovely spot! Protection can be had from nearly every point of the compass.

We found the creek to be nettle free (unlike at Onancock where I discovered what it is like to be stung by a jellyfish)and had a jolly good swim until the skies darkened and we decided to split up our rafted boats. It rained like crazy but mother nature failed to take any of the heat away.

Inexplicably, our Frigoboat freezer decided to act up. We set the temperature at 13 degrees, and when I awoke the next morning to 30 degrees, had a major "uh oh" moment. Peter immediately contacted Zahnisers to see if they could take us in and despite their workload agreed to find time for us when we planned to arrive two days later (after we helped the Tillmans with delivering their boat for repair). Mysteriously, several hours later, the compressor motor restarted, but failed to chill. About an hour later, chilling began and many, many hours later got to set temperature. Very weird. Now working fine. But obviously something is amiss.

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