Thursday, June 3, 2010


On Saturday night the Tillmans and Phase II limped into Mill Creek with their self-furling main stuck in the sail track, having snapped off of the halyard during the trip from Baltimore. Plying them with alcoholic beverages did little to lighten their spirits. The next day, Peter hoisted Len up the mast and they successfully off-loaded the mainsail. As it was Memorial Day weekend, a repair was not to be in the cards, but with little wind predicted for the next several days, we decided that sailing with a headsail only was not such a bad thing, and a vacation materialized.
Nasty weather kept us tied to our docks until Wednesday the 2nd, when we took off across the Bay for the Eastern Shore and Onancock Creek. Before we took off, the neighbors checked us out from their perch.

It took about six hours of very casual sailing to reach Onancock. The creek entrance is extremely well marked, and the channel is deep--the least we saw was 8 1/2 feet, and I think I was slightly out of the channel at that. It takes about an hour to reach the anchorage in front of the town once you enter the channel and fortunately, we were the only boats here on this evening. Perhaps six boats could anchor here, but they would have to be close friends. We anchored past the "37" marker by the neck separating the central and south branches. We sounded the south branch and determined a few boats could anchor inside, but staying in the center favoring the western shore and not exceeding 100 feet past the docks to the east.

We toured the town the next day and had lunch. There are a few cool shops but little else for entertainment. My companions thought this destination worth a return visit, but for me, it was a "been there, done that" spot.

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