Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

This was the third Father's Day celebrated with our family in Annapolis, once again with hotel accommodations arranged at one of the Historic Inns in town. I love these three little "hotels" which can be eitherly outrageously expensive or a bargain, depending upon some factor which I have been unable to determine but unrelated to the time of the visit. After Dave, Lisa and Willow arrived we had a late lunch and squeezed in a dinghy ride and visit to the end of Spa Creek to mess around in some sand.

We had a repeat visit to Tsunami, a wonderful sushi/seafood hotspot which I recalled served incredible food and liquid refreshments. I was not disappointed, and was successful in choosing a scrumptuous martini that conveniently matched my jewelry as well as satiating my one-drink-a-week creativity.

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