Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Carters Creek

We left Prentice Creek and headed to our dock in order to avoid the nasty weather in store of us the following day when we retrieved the Tillman's car to pick them up at Deltaville. After concluding that mission we took off the next day at 7:30 for a long trip to get to Solomons to see Zahnisers, now with less urgency, and have dinner with Michel and Carole on Emotion 3. Not to happen...north winds on the Bay create a nasty chop and when combined with the wind on the nose when headed in the same direction, result in a very uncomfortable and slow ride. So, we headed south instead and landed at Carters Creek off of the Rappahannock River.

Carters Creek is home to The Tides Inn, a formerly grand resort that had fallen on hard times until its recent acquisition. Although we have not been there recently, it would appear to have been a successful investment for the new owners.

We anchored in Yopps Cove, the first tributary on the right, finding decent water in a typical Northern Neck anchorage of private homes lining the shores. A dinghy ride down adjacent Eastern Branch will lead you to Custom Yacht Services where you can tie up and walk into the town of Irvington. Here, you will find the Trick Dog restaurant, which despite its ambience and very good food at New York prices has turned over 3 times since we have been coming here. You will also find a Starbucks-like local coffee shop where you can buy newspapers and baked goodies, and several clothing boutiques...but no provisioning opportunities.

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