Monday, June 21, 2010

Back at Solomons

After our vacation cruising around the nearby creeks, we returned to Mill Creek and concluded our mission of mercy with our friends the Tillmans, completing the car and boat shuffle between Deltaville and our docks. We pounded into a north wind and all its related aggravations to get to Solomons Island for an appointment at Zahnisers, where we accepted their advice to leave The Pigs alone. The consensus was the cost to remediate the randomly clogging debris in the evaporator given the one-time occurence just wasn't justified. Pray for me. We had a good consult with Mooch's Dad and will return for a Yanmar periodic tweeking in the fall.

We found friends on Cloverleaf docked up river on Back Creek and joined them for dinner at the CD Cafe. This is a great place, but you absolutely cannot hear yourself think. We will not go back. Hoping for a birthday dinner at Vincenzo's, we were disappointed to find they are only open Thursday through Sunday, and instead, joined Bev and Dave with their friends Janet and John from Arcadian at The Naughty Gull at Spring Cove Marina. I was surprised at how good the food was, but could have done without the trivial pursuit game being announced over a loudspeaker and played by persons unknown and unseen. I guess age is catching up with my lack of tolerance for noise.

Now, we need to rush to Annapolis to meet up with the kids and WILLOW!!! for a Father's Day/Birthday Celebration.

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