Saturday, June 26, 2010

Arrrggghh! A Father's Day Adventure

The first time I saw Sea Gypsy of Pirate Adventures set sail in Annapolis Harbor, complete with 20 or so enthusiastic crew around the age of 5, I could not wait for Willow to sign on. So, nearly five years later, Willow, Lisa, Beth and I accompanied the celebrants, Dave and Aye-Aye (Willow's name for Peter)and set sail out of Back Creek for an hour and a half of treasure hunting.

Most of the kids were game for the costuming, including tatoos:

The crew was coached to sneak on the pirate ship, I was never clear why the sneaking was required but the kids got into it.

Once aboard, the flag was hoisted and of course, a treasure map discovered and studied for a floating treasure chest.

Before the plunder is shared, competing pirates are water hosed down. Willow would not take her spot at her own hose, as she said she did not want to make the bad guy mad at her and come after her.

The treasure chest is opened...the spoils are a big hit!

A good time was had by all, especially the grown ups.

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