Saturday, May 8, 2010

Settled at Butler Island on the Waccamaw River, SC

We departed Brunswick Landing Marina at 0730 with Paul from Our Turn handling our lines. Only good friends get up at this time of the morning when they have no intention of leaving the dock. We originally planned to transit to Charleston, but along the way decided to extend the trip to Winyah Bay, South Carolina, and possibly even further to Wrightsville Beach in NC. When it looked like the winds preceding the expected cold front would pipe up to 25 gusting 30, I convinced the Captain to opt for Winyah. While he agreed, he was not happy. As a result,I developed a world class migraine.

We are rushing now to get to our dock in Virginia to meet up with Jimmy and Kathie for my niece's college graduation, so Peter is anxious. One of the things you are never supposed to have aboard a boat is a schedule. Sometimes, there is no way around it.

We arrived at Winyah inlet, South Carolina, at 14:30 the following day (31 hours later). Fortunately, the current was flooding so we rode the favorable current for two hours up to the Lafayette Bridge. We had hoped to put some more miles behind us once in the Waccamaw River, but we were both beat and This is a very good spot because you can arrive late and find plenty of room.

Anchor was down at 1705, and we shared the spot with only two other boats.

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welcome back....enjoy graduation, tty soon,