Friday, May 14, 2010

Mostly I've Got Friends

There is a song by Eileen Quinn, a former cruiser and musician, that really sums up the cruising life: "I've got seashells, I've got souvenirs, but mostly I've got friends". We have been so blessed with all of our new friendships with each port giving a new opportunity to make acquaintances. Some are fleeting, some you know you will keep a lifetime. Some are very special, and you know it within moments of meeting. This is the best part of sailing.

We met Maj-Lis and Don from Toronto on Blue Blazer two years ago, and our paths have crossed for short visits many times. We shared two Thanksgivings, formed the Royal Hog Cay Yacht Club together, organized the very best pot luck and drinkfest during our passage of the Dismal Swamp, mastered the game of Pig with Briar Patch, huddled around Blue Bay during the Obama inauguration, and we unexpectedly ran into them at Cedar Island by Adams Creek, NC a few days ago. We then travelled with them and new friends, Erik and Judy on Bravo, to the G39 anchorage past Deep Point by the Pungo River. And then we had to say a final goodbye, as Blue Blazer plans to "swallow the anchor" and become land lubbers once again.

This is the hard part about sailing. I have seashells. I have souvenirs. But mostly, I've got friends.

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