Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mill Creek and Karissa's Graduation

After waiting for a ferocious thunderstorm to finish its business with Norfolk, we hauled anchor and nine hours later pulled into Mill Creek by the Great Wicomico River, where we will build our home starting in the Spring of 2011. We spent a few days visiting our property and checking out the construction of our friends’ home on the lot next to us, and their resident nesting eagles.
Fortunately, our feathered friends have been removed from the Endangered Species list, and the Wildlife officials deemed our pair acclimated to human presence. As a result, there was no delay in the Tillman’s progress.

After living on a 44 foot boat for three years we realized that the previously developed design plans for our future home needed to be thrown out the window. We met with our architect, Bill Prillaman, at his new abode and kicked around our current vision. Plans by August. (I would be completely happy if Bill just duplicated his home on our property. It is a gem.)

Then, off to Jimmy and Kathie’s to get ready for Karissa’s college graduation requiring a long drive to Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York (about 12 hours with stops). Following the ceremony where Karissa received her BS in Management Cum Laude, we feasted at Terrapin near Rhinebeck, another long drive but a gastronomic event, as usual when hosted by my brother, the wino-extraordinaire.

We stopped in NJ on the ride back for a few days and caught up with our Inn-keepers, the Lands, great friends and hosts. An appointment with my rheumatologist resulted in his determination that I am in remission, cessation of the prednisone after months of tapering, and a discussion that I might be able to drop the methotrexate if all continues well. Ah, I can savor the expanded cocktail hour already.
Peter met with his hand doc and we are set for minor surgery to correct a trigger finger some time in June.

It was great catching up with family and we are back at Mill Creek. We have been enjoying straightening First Edition out for summer cruising while we await the weekend arrival of the Tillmans on their boat. Then, we plan a week of 'vacation" with them before we finish off the month of June cruising the Chesapeake.

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