Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brunswick, Georgia

We left St. Augustine for a trip on the outside, leaving at 8:15 and arriving at 4:30that afternoon at Cumberland Island, Georgia after bucking a strong current at the St. Mary's inlet. We had planned to see the wild horses and shell the next day, but after listening to the weather, and watching the ice drip in the frig, decided to head to Brunswick up the ICW. Here, we hoped we would find some one to look after our failed refrigeration, and spend some time with Claire and Paul on Our Turn.

Fortunately we were near high tide for most of the trip up the ICW. We saw deep water the whole way until we got to Jekyll Creek, where we saw 5 1/2 feet, at G19. Peter thinks he may have failed to follow the range with that buoy, but beware, we were one hour after high tide. I don't think we'll do this stretch again.

Six hours later we arrived at Brunswick. No shrimp this trip, at the season has been delayed due to the cold winter weather. Usually the docks have a few shrimpers alongside, but this time, accommodations were full up.

In the Fall we had stayed at the Brunswick Landing Marina, and we took a slip here again. Our Turn had arranged to have Lester Forbes (912-638-6536) install their SSB, so we asked that Lester give us a recommendation for a refrigeration guy. The first day that guy was sick, the next day it was so hot that they needed to take care of their contract customers, and then the next day Lester himself decided to take a peak. On board 15 minutes, he diagnosed the problem, just in time for the $130 per service call plus time and materials guy to show. Anyhow, it was an expensive stop, but we are back in business and have room for food instead of ice in the frig. Incidentally, this was not a Frigoboat problem, but a shoddy installation.

To celebrate, we had dinner with Claire and Paul at Cargo, a top-notch restaurant within walking distance of the marina. But our chariot awaited us, in the form of Lester's borrowed Red Neck Mobile.

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