Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vero Beach

Fort Pierce is a great port to enter when coming back into the US; it is an easy inlet to enter, is less than 24 hours from the North west Bahamas, and once there, you are only a few hours away from Vero Beach.

Vero, also referred to as Velcro Beach (it’s hard to part from it once you are there) is an upscale community with a wonderful harbor and city marina, complete with numerous moorings and some slips, fuel, a laundromat, clean bathrooms, and a fantastic and free bus system that stops at the marina and will take you to all of the cruiser’s hot spots: several good grocery stores, a fantastic liquor store with great wines and values, a West Marine, great gift and clothing shopping, Home Depot and Walmart. At the marina, you are encouraged (and required) to raft up with other boats, so we were able to share some more quality time with Tamure and Thethys without having to dinghy over in the dark and during the last few days, persistent drizzle.

After a good night’s sleep and multiple boat chores, we hosted our raft up buddies to chocolate cake and ice cream, while Scott provided the entertainment with his slide show of his and Kitty’s circumnavigation, thirty years ago. No chartplotter! No GPS! Only a sextant! Winds topping 100 MPH (gulp)!! They regaled us with their two and a half year journey around the world during which they became entrenched in the various cultures and the very small world of cruisers way back when.

Vero is also the home to several cruisers and two of our good friends, Jay and Di from Far Niente whom we got to see. The Howells arrived just a few weeks prior to us, and quickly expanded the family with the addition of Lucille 2. It’s hard to tell who is happier: Jay, the proud new owner with magnificent renovation plans, or Di, delighted with Jay’s giddiness and guilt-free shoe shopping opportunities.

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skip said...

Hi, Lynne---We're also in Vero on the last mooring ball (#57) I think we saw your boat this morning but the name didn't 'click'. How long are you staying? If you're here tomorrow, we'll stop by. I'd love to meet you!
Harriet --S/V Moondance