Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Killing Time at Green Turtle

When you wait for weather, you do boat chores, read, watch movies, and party.
I began the several step process of sanding down the floor in the shower room before painting and recaulking, which will take several days which we, unfortunately, will have. I am nearly finished reading Lovely Bones, as Peter tackles Up Country which I just finished. We very much enjoyed seeing Into the Wild, which book by Krakauer I read earlier this season, but most of all, loved meeting a bunch of new people similarly situated, waiting for weather.

We have a lot in common, but have varying degrees of enthusiasm and experience. We were invited by Kitty and Scott on Tamure for happy hour, along with Sheila and Fred from River Bird. Tamure has circumnavigated, three times I think, and have numerous fantastic stories and sad, old lawyer jokes to share. River Bird is finishing her second year of cruising, each in the Bahamas, and if Sheila has her way they will cruise no longer. She has not taken to it. The boat in front of us is from Gibraltar and Hans and Monica and Coco and Whiskey, their dogs, are into their 15th year. Alongside of us the sweet little (50 foot)boat with an ill-fitting moniker, Barberic (Barb and Eric aboard) just started two weeks ago, brand new to the lifestyle. Peter very much enjoyed chatting with Pete, a lawyer on sabbatical, on First Draft with wife Candi. And let's not forget Mike and Jen from Counts Quarters, who owned a vending company and Jesse and Ginny, new arrivals on WindDust, heading South.

Everyone has different backgrounds, yet we are all in the same boat. Killing time in good company.

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