Sunday, April 11, 2010

Green Turtle

Although it seems like an impossibility, the crappiest weather since we have been here has turned up in the forecast, out of the blue. We had been encouraged with good predictions for the upcoming week, so had enjoyed a leisurely time at Coconut Beach, instead of hightailing it to the Gulfstream towards Florida. Then, huge winds persisting for several days, combined with one day of westerlies (always difficult to find shelter in these babies), fell into the forecast.

We rushed over the White Sound at Green Turtle Cay with the hopes of grabbing one of the moorings before the rest of the world woke up to what is coming. Green Turtle brings back so many good memories, starting with jumping on a mooring three years ago and pulling down mere inches from the boat behind us…the start of our mission to make great friends by anchoring on top of them. And so, Bill and Deb on Deborah Lee entered our lives. Then, several days later, our first Junkanoo, and then meeting Rob and Christine, our winter traveling companions.

Green Turtle is a great place to hang out if you drink, with the Green Turtle Club and Bluff House seasonally providing dockage for a fee that can be wiped away dollar for dollar with money you spend at the restaurant and bar. The anchorage at the North end of the harbor provides poor holding in grass; during blows it is common for several boats to drag and wrap themselves around people, like us, that think they are safe being on a mooring. We’ll see what happens this time. Reportedly, good holding is to the South of the mooring field.

We tried walking into town, and found it a very long distance which I would characterize as unwalkable. Fortunately, golf cart drivers picked us up both ways into town and after our exploration of the shops and grocery store. The following day we rented a cart ($40 for 24 hours from Kool Kart), and covered all the navigable roads on the Cay, and then some.

A word of caution to all the tall folk walking through the entryways:We paid $5 each for an interesting tour at the Albert Lowe Museum, and had another educational experience at Reef Relief, located across the street. Here you can see a short movie about the life cycle of the Queen Conch, which we have spent a lot of time collecting and consuming.

We met Rob and Christine for our goodbye dinner at Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Restaurant. Supposedly Miss Emily invented the Goombay Smash, a rum concoction served all over the Bahamas. The fare included lobster sautéed with green pepper, mushrooms, and pineapple, served with the ever-abundant mac and cheese, plantains, or coleslaw. Delish, for $28.

A visit to Green Turtle would not be complete without a stop at the New Plymouth Liquor Store, where fairly priced spirits can be purchased along with breakfast and lunch at a small counter. For $5.75 you can purchase a conch burger and grab a Kalik from their Frig---just tell them about it when your bill comes.

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