Friday, April 9, 2010

Great Guana Cay

We headed to Great Guana Cay on Easter Saturday, and had a good walk on the Oceanside beach. There is a natural barrier reef that is reportedly a great snorkel and dive site, but it was too rough to access today. The reef keeps the shells trapped and unable to get ashore, therefore the only thing we got during our hike was exercise. You can pick up a mooring here or anchor with good holding.

Guana is known for Nippers and Grabbers, two hot spots serving potent alcoholic beverages and adequate food, accompanied by copious amounts of local flies which burning sterno on each table fails to control. A frozen Nippers Juice makes it all tolerable.

There is an OK grocery stop here, and the Art Café and Bakery sells very cool and very overpriced locally made crafts.

On the North end of the Cay you will find Bakers Bay, where multimillion dollar homes, a five star marina and restaurant, and a golf course are planned. We heard several boats hailing the marina so it must be open. The locals are not happy with the future golf course, the sign shown may have raised the local ire but failed to stop the issuance of the permits necessary for this project to get the green light.
If you anchor at Bakers Bay, a long dinghy ride will take you to Spoil Cay, which was manmade and seems to be a large hump of tiny shells of all kinds.

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