Saturday, April 10, 2010

Coconut Tree Beach

We had an easy ride around the Whale, which must be cautiously travelled as this cut in the Sea of Abaco can be untenable when the Atlantic Ocean and sea and wind conditions churn up. We had intended to head to Manjack Cay, a bucolic setting where the first owners ashore had built trails leading to the Oceanside, encourage trespassing, and providing a powerful internet signal for the cruisers to use. But alas, commercial internet providers in nearby Green Turtle apparently strong-armed our wonderful benefactors, and the service has been terminated.

So, we headed instead to the next bay North which is labeled Coconut Tree Bay on the charts, where we found Celebrian anchored. We enjoyed several days at this lovely spot.

We snorkeled on one of the wrecks in Manjack, right around the corner. The water is so shallow that it warms to bath temperature.

We walked the nearby beaches and found many green tinted sea urchins to add to our collection, and picnicked along the ocean.

We accessed one of the Manjack trails directly from Coconut Tree and followed it to the ocean beach where we collected plastic flotsam that had washed ashore. The owners leave large plastic bags by the beach that you load up, and then leave above the high water line for their later retrieval. The trail had many delights, reminiscent of the art park we visit with Willow and her parents at Solomons, Maryland. There is something about turning a corner to find a mobile of sea shells that takes your breath away.

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