Friday, March 19, 2010

What to do at Rock Sound When You Can't Leave

With more strong winds from the northwest in the cards, our plans to head to North were stymied. Before returning to the Rock Sound West anchorage for shelter yet one more time, we decided to take a walk in town. This time we headed South, salmon against the current. We shlepped a long time before deciding this hike finally had a purpose: we stumbled upon a Bahamas Heritage Site. We had no idea what this stone lined path would lead to.

After climbing down a long ladder leading into a hole seemingly carved into the rocks, we embarked upon a great exploration into caves sprouting tendrils from above ground trees. Creeping deeper into its depths, the caves shared their magic and their eerie magnificence.

This was a lovely spot worth seeking out should you find yourselves with time on your hands and legs needing a good shakeout.

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skb said...

Happy Birthday! Your bracelet is wonderful…the colors of the sea.
Nice collection of sand dollars. I finished my first mirror last week and will send you a picture. I now have to replenish my stock; it takes a lot of shells. Looking forward to seeing you soon – maybe in Florida! Be well