Monday, March 22, 2010

Spanish Wells

We had a long day, leaving Rock Sound at 7:15 and arriving at Spanish Wells at 5:30. This required a passage through Current Cut, and as the name suggests, the water surges through the opening from Exuma Sound to the Banks. Slack current is some where around two hours after the high and low tide at Nassau, with the ebb setting west. So, with high tide at 1130 at Nassau, slack before the ebb would have been about 1300 or so at the Cut. We rocketed through at 1520, seeing nearly 10 knots of speed with the current pushing us. We were extremely lucky to find a mooring available and picked up one of the six in total. Moorings here are $15 a night, and a 40 foot boat cannot get on mooring #1. We picked up a sporadic internet signal as well. Spanish Wells is a mostly white community of lobster fisherman, who spend their time at sea while the women tend to beautiful gardens.. It is a somewhat religious community, where no alcohol is served, and the crayfish is revered. Their Christian faith does not stop them, however, from hanging up their "bonkers" to ward off the evil spiritsIt is also the home to a few dolphin who swim in the harbor, and Rita, the manatee who is a sucker for Romaine lettuce.

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