Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rock Sound, Eleuthera

We had a rip-roaring sail from Normans to Rock Sound on Eleuthera and hunkered down for yet another big blow, anchoring on the West side by Sound Point. Holding here is not fantastic, it took a bit of work to set Buster but we held nevertheless in the 20plus knots of gusting wind. We attempted to motor over to the settlement to do some provisioning, but had to turn around when conditions proved intolerable. So we spent the day walking around the Point looking for shells, without any great success. We did have a nice chat with Michel and Carole from Emotion, and I must note here that not all French Canadians are stuck up. Emotion is a power boat on sabbatical, doing the Great Loop, enjoying life, with a French flair.

We were first here with Celebrian and Lynn and George from Ketch N Dreams. Gee, I miss those guys who are back home filling the cruising kitty.

When we were finally able to cross the mile and a half to get to the town, we had a day packed with activities. We did our provisioning at the well stocked grocery store ($10 for a half gallon of ice cream is a bargain!) and bought some white wine for the larder. Christine and I had our hearts set on getting some craft supplies now that we both have discovered epoxy, without success. We had a good walk around town and finished the evening with dinner at Sammy’s, where for $20 you can get lobster, mac and cheese (the Bahamian equivalent of French fries), fried plaintains, and corn on the cob. And bring leftovers home!

More wonderful Bahamian signage:

And who says there is no tide in the Bahamas?!!

We love Eleuthera!

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