Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lee Stocking Island

We travelled a couple of hours down to Black Point to do laundry and stop in to say hello to Lorraine. The next day we headed South in the Sound bound for Lee Stocking Island. Celebrian had anchored off of Galliot and we picked them up along the way. It was a spirited sail all the way, with winds in the 20’s and 5-7 foot seas subsiding eventually to 10 and 3 respectively. We anchored off of Lee Stocking near the channel in about 10 feet of water. The Research Center had previously advised only boats drawing 5 or less should proceed to the anchorage off of the Center. The moorings have been removed.

Peter, Rob and Christine walked while I tried to nap. The Research Center began hailing Celebrian, while the freighter Ocean Energy entered the channel, honking away. Apparently we had anchored in the deeper water that they need to reach the docks, and they had to turn around with promises that they would be back in a few weeks. Hopefully there is no shortage of fuel on the Island.

Besides the Perry Institute for Marine Research, there is nothing else here. We toured the facility and enjoyed hearing about the research into coral reefs and the impact of climate change upon them. Apparently the endowment that funds the Center is running dry. It would be sad to see the Institute shut due to lack of funding.

We had an absolutely stupid and miserable 3 hour walk along the razor rock after summiting the hill claimed to be the highest spot in the Exumas. Everyone returned with bleeding scratches, sunburn, and headaches. After lunch we fulfilled Peter’s quest of visiting the canal leading to the salt pond on Normans Pond, only to find that we had missed the high tide and could not enter.

The next morning Chris Parker announced a change in the weather that would eliminate our possibility of reaching Cat Island, which had been our plan to end the season here. So we decided to head North, back eventually to Normans, for yet another front. We enjoyed a great sail up, and Peter snagged a mahi-mahi over 2 feet long, but we lost him as we were hauling him in. Mahi-mahi is the gold prize of fishing here, so we were both disappointed. We will have to settle for conch pizza tonight at Deshamons.

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